Staying Alive, A Woman’s Essential Guide to Living Safely

“The fault lies with predators. However, it’s shocking to personally witness tragic mistakes many women and girls make that put their lives in jeopardy.”
It does not have to be. Learn how!  
– Jane

Predators’ Work Hours

A Wake-up Call:
Stop For a Minute. We Have Some Questions:

Where are you right now…

at work, home, shopping center, coffee shop, nightclub or restaurant, on a trip, in a hotel, in an elevator, headed to your hotel room, walking a street, jogging, in your bedroom, sitting alone in your car, at a stop sign or traffic light, underground parking garage or placing groceries in your car?

It’s a long question but just go with it. Do you feel safe? Are you safe? Be honest.

What can you do now, or should have done earlier to make yourself safer? Of course there is no such thing as absolute safety. However, there are common sense steps you can take each day to make yourself less vulnerable as a victim.

These questions are only the beginning.





Staying Alive

by Jane Austen Dickey & Gene Cartwright

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