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Bestseller Fiction by Oprah Guest Author, Gene Cartwright

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Ms. Cicely Tyson

“I have not been so moved by a book since reading Alex’s [Haley] Roots. When the film is made, I’m laying claim the role of Aunt Rose.”  
— Ms. 
Cicely Tyson

A Family Gathering
"Where Was God, On May 15, 1974?"

A Family Gathering

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Where Was God, on May 15, 1974?

When the pregnant 12-year-old daughter of a black southern preacher fingers the son of the state’s wealthiest family, she is exiled to Chicago relatives, but defiantly returns 14-years later and is targeted for murder by that family—clinging to their Confederate heritage.

Despite the deepest darkness, the human spirit seeks even the faintest rays of light. May it always be so.” — Gene Cartwright

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From the pages of Gene Cartwright’s latest non-fiction work comes a wealth of witty and wise tools compelling you to unearth hidden treasures from your past, embrace your present, and look to your boundless future through a brighter lens of expectancy.  More

I Never Played Catch With My Father
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I Never Played Catch With My Father

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—There comes a time when fame and fortune are not enough.  “In the midst of my day to day madness, I long for simpler times, and at day’s end am left with only my longing.”  

– James T. Phalen (main character).

The Water Line. A Selma to Montgomery Story You Must Read

The Water Line: Read Details. Free Download for Limited Time.

THIS STORY IS FOR OUR TIME. – Former Klansman, and Selma, Alabama native David Applewhite’s journey on the road to redemption lasts 50 years, while a young black boy who saved his life when both were 13, serves life in an Alabama prison. After crossing the newly-named “John R. Lewis Bridge,” en-route to Montgomery, David’s story ends in his confrontation with his past, and an enduring lesson in love, atonement, and forgiveness.

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Also Available on This Site
Signed by Author
Also Available on This Site
Free eBook with Print Book Version
Free eBook with Print Book Version
I Never Played Catch With My Father by former Oprah Guest author
The "novel" - based upon a true story - that led to an Oprah Show invitation.

I Never Played Catch With My Father

Audio Excerpt

—There comes a time when fame and fortune are not enough.  “In the midst of my day to day madness, I long for simpler times, and at day’s end am left with only my longing.”  

– James T. Phalen (main character).

Half Moon, Full Heart - A love story
Readers say: It's "Romeo and Juliet” cross “The Bridges of “Madison County’ en route to ‘Cold Mountain.’

Halfmoon, Full Heart

Audio Excerpt

“I married a whole wife.”Rachel Marin’s husband, upon learning of her great cancer diagnosis.

It was 1955. Eisenhower (“Ike”) was President; bread was eighteen cents; gas— twenty-three; Popsicles came two to a package; Elvis was twenty, and twelve year-olds, David Joe Fallon, Jr. and Jessie Marie Taylor were in love.

Former LAPD Homocide wiz John Roméo has an eye for beauty and a nose for murder

The Widowmaker: “Heat of The Night”

Audio Excerpt

The Drammen Code - Spy thriller
2028: In 2017 We Warned America. Now, Its Too Late.
Fire Night: Zombies Rule
Fire Night: Zombies Rule
The Water Line" A Klansman's Road to Redemption
The Water Line
Staying Alive: A Woman's Guide to Living Safely
The Promise Road
The Promise Road - A Love Story
Dying for Love
Dying for Love
Still Dreaming - Visual Poetry
Dad of Night

Dead of Night – Screenplay Discover on Coverfly.com or Here
Who the hell is millionaire, jet-setting, former LAPD homicide wiz John Roméo? And why do even the Russians want him dead?

When the ailing 7-year-old daughter of a black Marine and his white wife – both deceased – is adopted by her mother’s sister, she and her mysterious terrier are joined by unseen forces to save her and her parents from ruthless bad guys.

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Read Author's Bio.Gene is a father, former engineer, a Marine, inventor, former Oprah guest and past Pulitzer-Nominee. Click icon to read more.

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A FIlm Short:

Tommy Lee Must Die

This film short was shot by Gene, using his iPhone. Location: Along I-20 In Abilene +  Midland-Odessa, Texas.


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