John Roméo has an eye for beauty and a nose for murder.

Dead of Night

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Log Line:
When an Oscar-nominated director and other powerful married men and their lovers are murdered, a jet-setting former LAPD homicide wiz is called back to catch the killer but becomes the hunted by the cold-bloodied killer hiding in plain sight.


Who the hell is John Roméo? 
And why do women want to bed him, and men want him dead?

A serial killer with an elaborate M.O. and macabre sense of humor is loose in LA. But this killer, who defies the FBI profile, is unlike any the LAPD has ever encountered: The victims are prominent married men, including an Oscar-nominated director and a TV mega-evangelist, involved in adulterous affairs. They and their lovers are found murdered by close range blasts from a 44 magnum.

Even jaded, veteran homicide cops are horrified by the brutality, intrigued by the killer’s consistency and baffled by the apparent amount of time spent by the killer at the post-crime scene. What’s more, this killer has a penchant for 60’s music, particularly Sam Cooke’s ‘Frankie and Johnny.’ Why? The work of vengeful wives? Perhaps.  Someone wants the cops to think so.

A battered LAPD, feuding with the FBI, slams into a brick wall. 

Solution: Call John Roméo

John Roméo (he insists Ro-may-o). Roméo is a cocky, Harlem-born, Black, 41 year-old jet-setting, Ferrari driving, retired LAPD homicide whiz with an international crime-solving portfolio. He’s a multi-millionaire Beverly Hills author and screenwriter having turned his experience into grist for the literary and cinematic mill.

Some question Roméo’s name, his style, and a self-confidence that borders on cockiness but no one questions his expertise. You either love or hate Roméo; there is no in-between. He has an eye for beauty and a nose for murder.

John’s former commander, Captain C.E. ‘Bear’ Nicholson, realizes there’s no love lost between John and his envious former comrades, but he’s got no choice. John, pressed by a producer to finish rewrites and by his publisher to complete a manuscript, tries to say ‘no’ to the good Captain.

John’s friend, Skeeter — a salty LAPD veteran and John’s mentor —warns him and his partner, and friend, Gerald Liu to avoid the case. However, John realizes that his considerable ego and his love of a challenge will prevail. He’ll have one more chance to prove he has no equal.

However, the hunter becomes the hunted. Despite his choirboy facade, Roméo’s no saint. His live-in, South African – French fashion-model girlfriend, and his recently divorced wife, Claire, both love him deeply and dislike each other even more deeply.

Assaulted by the tabloids, Roméo is faced with the allure of the beautiful psychologist, Dr. Diane Deauville, hired to assist him.. And now someone wants him dead, but not before trying to discredit him. In the end, neither John nor the city’s power elite are prepared for what he uncovers. The killer is hiding in plain sight and shows no signs of stopping.

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