John Roméo "Dead of Night"

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(406p. Case Laminate Gloss Hardcover)

"Virgil Tibbs Meets John Wick" - (406p. Case Laminate Gloss Hardcover)

John Roméo Dead of Night
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“Virgil Tibbs” meets “John Wick” when John Roméo—a world-renowned former LAPD homicide-wiz—turned millionaire author
with a gun, sex life, and attitude—tracks a sadistic killer but becomes the hunted. 
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A Brief Synopsis

A battered LAPD, feuding with the FBI, slams into a brick wall. 


Call John Roméo — John Roméo (he insists Ro-may-o). Roméo is a cocky, Harlem-born, Black, 41 year-old jet-setting, Ferrari driving, retired, LAPD homicide whiz with an international crime-solving portfolio. He’s a multi-millionaire Beverly Hills author and screenwriter having turned his experience into grist for the literary and cinematic mill. They (LAPD) don’t want Roméo but they sure as hell need him.

Note: His name is Roméo (Ro-May-o) but you may call him Romeo, if you prefer eating steak with a straw.