The President could not be trusted.

The Drammen Code


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July 4, 2028

December, 2017:

Key allies erected firewalls to guard sensitive intel requested by the U.S.. And there were those in the CIA who, for more than twenty-five years, knew an unprecedented attack was coming, turned a blind eye, and did nothing to stop it.

It began in 1998. Young CIA officer Sean Ryan is scapegoated and targeted for “retirement” inside the U.S. by the CIA itself. It follows a massive intelligence failure in Oslo, Norway involving an insidious Russian plan to make good the late Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev’s 1956 warning: “We will bury you.”

July 4, 2028
Geneva Switzerland

11 years ago, in 2017, we warned America…
WARNING: (Dec. 2017): By the time you read The Drammen Code it may already be too late.

The CIA’s filtering of intelligence provided POTUS is not new; this unspoken exercise of prerogative has persisted for decades. However, over the past thirty years the practice has become particularly insidious; now it is essential.

For nearly twenty years, some in the U.S. government with questionable loyalties have kept a deadly secret. As a result, we have not focused on the real enemy; we have squandered vital strategic resources and may have sealed our fate as a nation. That fact has been made frighteningly real by the election of President David Brandon.

What follows is a warning. If we are lucky and heed the signs, there may be one final chance to ensure the long-term existence of the United States of America as we know it.

One man, fugitive CIA agent Sean Ryan, must decide whether to come in from the cold, reveal a deadly secret and sacrifice himself, or witness America’s demise.

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